1. What is a purchasing agent? 

A purchasing agent is an individual, employed by a company or working as a freelancer, helping companies overseas to import from China. A good agent can be an extremely valuable asset in your overall Product procurement strategy.

2. Why you need a sourcing agent? 

Dealing with Chinese suppliers is very time consuming. Finding the right one even more so you requires a well laid out strategy that actively weeds out the bad suppliers (that’s about 80 – 90% of them) identifies those who are qualified to manufacture a certain product. Finding the right supplier also requires a certain amount of product knowledge, an asset not possessed by many inexperienced importers. So you need an experienced team to help with all these procedures.

3. Why choose Maxery?

You can expect following if working with us:

*  Professional sourcing services

*  Quick response and clear communication

*  Positive and honest attitude 

*  Reasonable charge for you ONLY

*  Improved quality of products

*  Lower cost of transportation

*  Time saving for buying from China